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Finding your perfect venue during uncertain times

This year has changed the way we do things completely. One thing is for certain though, in our opinion, our live in-person meetings and events will always be the preferred method of communicating to the masses. Whether it be a concert, entertainment, educational or showcasing, live events communicate to each and every individual, tapping into those special moments that only a live physical event can achieve.

As we continue to transition into the ‘new normal’, the interest for booking venues and events is showing signs of increasing. But, how is it possible to find your perfect venue while there are restrictions in place and how about the ongoing changes in regulations? In this article, we will show you what you can do to start planning your events either virtually, in-person or hybrid event.

How I can find the perfect venue with restrictions in place still?

Since times have changed, so has the way we source your perfect venues. Many venues have taken to showcasing their venues online. Virtual tours have become a new way of showing the options and providing ideas for clients. It’s quite effective and convenient as you can go to the venue without leaving your working space.

Of course, other venues start to provide limited visits meaning people can individually visit venues to see what they look like. Just like with real estate, venues have had to come up with creative solutions that are in line with the restrictions and guidelines from the government.

How many people can attend events?

This is one question most have in their mind. The new norm limits the attendance to provide enhanced safety for the attendees as well as the staff hosting the event. How many people can attend your event depends on the size of the venue as the social distancing rules are implemented.  However, with the right tech you can add a virtual attendance option that enables more people to attend and enjoy the event but in the virtual capacity.

What about safety?

In the beginning, people will be cautious, as this global pandemic has proven, it is going to take time to gain confidence again, but as we are social creatures we will need that face to face interaction.  The most frequently asked questions have been how can safety be enhanced to make attendees feel safe.

Here are a few ideas:

Temperature measurement:

Attendees body temperature is measured either with a hand-held device or by a camera that alerts if someone has an abnormally high temperature.

Requiring a negative test result:

Some organisers have been pondering about whether they should require a certificate that states the person has been tested for COVID-19. As some people can carry it without symptoms it is one option to consider. However, would the attendees be happy to take a test is a whole different thing.

Limited attendance:

How many people can attend is up to the size of the venue and how they can implement health and safety regulations.  It is an option to consider having virtual attendance to enable the ones who couldn’t get to the venue physically to attend the event. Also making sure that necessary hand sanitisers and facemasks are set up and potentially sent out prior to the event.

How do I market my event?

Depending on the purpose of the event it’s good to plan ahead and ensure the attendees will feel safe. A team-building event or Christmas party for staff will most likely be completely different from a networking event or a conference. It is worth considering how you will host these events, will alcohol be served, maybe send out a survey to your contacts and colleagues, what would they feel comfortable doing? Communication is definitely king here. Along with having everything clear about your plans, safety measures that are in place will provide peace of mind to your audience.

This year many events have been taken online to enable people to be connected and socialise. There are some brilliant ways in bringing your audiences together, team activities and specific goody bags that will reach your delegates so they still have a sense of belonging to the event. We’ve been working on a number of options for our client’s events and so would be delighted to offer guidance as to the options available to you currently.

We’ve had numerous enquiries about venues available from spring 2021 onwards which is encouraging.

Are you planning to attend any in-person events soon or are you planning to host an event?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help you to find the perfect venue for you that makes you, the staff and the attendees feel safe and comfortable.

If you would like some support to search for venues for your events, do get in touch: hello@sheeredge.co.uk or call: 0330 223 3176