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How often do you celebrate wins?

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For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of your employees and think about how they feel when they have accomplished something, and it goes unnoticed. You wouldn’t probably believe it, but this happens in nearly every workplace to hundreds of thousands of people.  

Celebrating and rewarding your team keeps them engaged and motivated, it promotes positive mental health and really makes them feel part of the team. Celebration is a big morale booster  

We love to celebrate wins here at Sheer Edge and we want to help you do the same.  

Here are a few reasons to celebrate  

  • Having a successful quarter  
  • Record positive testimonials from customers  
  • Specific goal achievements, department or individually 
  • A new idea or product that has been brought to launch 

Here are some ideas how you can reward those small and big wins… 

  • Depending on the size of your company, you could monthly or quarterly add all the team members names into a draw to win a prize. Some prizes could be; 
  • An overnight stay at a 5* hotel  
  • Cookery masterclass with a Michelin Star chef  
  • A corporate day out including attending a sporting event, concert or theatre   
  • Cinema tickets  
  • Luxury Hamper 
  • Organise a party to celebrate a department win, decorate the office, call in a caterer and really go to town, shower them with praise and have a great celebration.  
  • Send some team members on a corporate day out, to a sporting event, music, entertainment, the theatre, or for a fine dining experience.  
  • Set up a rewards point scheme, each time you want to celebrate a moment or a win within the team you can send them virtual points which they can then chose something to trade the points in for, you could compile a list from gift vouchers to days out or holidays.  

Not every win needs to be heavily celebrated, a simple congratulations and a pat on the back for acknowledgement goes a long way, but in the long term you need to keep momentum of wins going, motivate the team and make them feel inspired.  

If you would like support with ideas and options, look no further, the Sheer Edge team love to find options to help you and your team celebrate wins! Get in touch: hello@sheeredge.co.uk or call us: 0330 223 3176