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Nestled in 35 acres of stunning grounds, in the heart of Warwickshire, over 40 meeting spaces, and 110 bedrooms, lies a magnificent historic Manor perfect for your every business need – Ashorne Hill.

Dating back to 1077 this impressive Manor has been transformed into a versatile meeting venue, with acres of land to host your next team building day. The historic journey of Ashorne Hill from 1077 to the present day has seen many historic events, in 1945 it was used a conference centre and retreat, 1969 they built an extension to include more meeting rooms and a dining room, from this date onwards they have always been improving and adding to the building to make it even more versatile and workable for its clients and the “rest is history”.

What we love about Ashorne Hill;

· In 1967 they become a charitable trust. Every penny they earn from meetings and events gets put back into the property to continuously improve it and make it better for the their clients and colleagues. The extension development is impressive, and they really have the users in

mind when they improve their facilities.

· They have their own programmes to support learning. Learners can develop personally and professionally through a wide range of programmes they have on offer. Management, leadership and psychometrics are a few of the fantastic programmes they have available to learners.

· They take your health and wellness seriously. Wellness is at the heart of everything they do from the extensive range of food and beverages offered along with the wellness walk and numerous facilities to accommodate you taking time to be in the present. They believe this is a fundamental building block to successful learning experiences. It is rare that you find a venue that really has your every need catered for and more importantly they care about you, and everyone as an individual.

Ashorne Hill Sherbourne
Ashorne Hill Family Fun Day

· Sheer Edge always aim to find venues during our searches that are EcoSmart! We believe it is always important to find a venue for our clients that take sustainability seriously and make every effort to make a positive impact. Ashorne Hill has been awarded a platinum award by Greenage Solutions for their effort and impact on sustainability.

· The staff – are what really makes this venue work. Their dedication and long service says it all. They are dedicated to you – they really want your event to go well and for you to enjoy every minute you spend there with them.

When we visited Ashorne Hill we were made to feel like we were at home, the service and catering were impeccable, and nothing was too much trouble.

We would always recommend a venue that touches our hearts – we love what this venue stands for, we agree with their ethics and ethos, and with the great location, extensive meetings rooms and superb facilities we would always recommend this venue, knowing you will have the very best experience whilst there.

If you would like to find out more about what Ashorne Hill has to offer, get in touch with the Sheer Edge team today: hello@sheeredge.co.uk or call us on: 0330 223 3176