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Teaming up for productivity

Have you been tuning in for regular updates on return to work and safety regulations for trading? If you have you’re not alone. Just like most of us, you may be wondering how your staff will react to post-lockdown era. 

There have been many polls on social media where the question is if the employees should be able to continue to work remotely or not. Many participants prefer remote working as it has been given them more time for family and other priorities. 

But how about when we need to have our team at the office? How do we make them feel welcome, safe and at ease after this unprecedented challenge? 

Here are a few ideas on how you can get your staff to team up for productivity. 

Do your groundwork: 

Prepare the workplace on time so it’s in line with the safety regulations. Social distancing and hygiene are extremely important when having your staff back at the office. You can also do some small scale upgrading to show you want your team to feel good at work. Showing what you’ve been up to via an online meeting is a great way to show that you take your team and how they feel as a top priority. Have you thought about getting your team involved in upgrading the workplace and how it can work best? Brainstorming together is a great way to get them excited about returning. 

Help the old and new employees bond:  

There’s nothing worse than starting cold without knowing anyone or not knowing how your colleagues are going to react to seeing you after a long break. If you’ve been hiring new staff it’s important to get them to bond with the existing members of your team. You could have online team building activities and internal networking event take place to get everyone know each other beforehand and share ideas and experiences. A friendly, casual get together helps also existing employees feel more confident and positive about returning to the office. 

Throw a welcome back to work ceremony at the office: 

Welcome your team back to the office with some treats and motivational speech or speaker to start the first day off well. 

Those who’ve been impacted more than others by the pandemic will be more cautious about returning but showing you understand them and care can make the transition much easier and comfortable for them. You may want to have a support person for your staff available so they can process issues they may not be comfortable opening up about to you. After all your team is your most important support and help so you want to ensure they feel safe, happy and productive. 

Future team activities: 

It’s important to ensure your team continue to feel valued. There is nothing quite like feeling appreciated for all your hard work. Send a survey around to your team whether they are still working remotely or on your premises. What team day out would they enjoy? 

There are many team building options available that do not require attending mass gatherings and that can be tailored to you and your team’s needs, such as secluded venues where you can self cater and create your own entertainment or hire it in, or animal sanctuaries where you can have your own area for catering/sleeping arrangements and get involved helping out with the animals while you’re on site. There are still many options available even during these uncertain times to make your team feel special and well thought of. 

What have you done to prepare your team for post-lockdown work and return back to the office? 

For ideas and advice on getting your employees team up for productivity, we’re happy to talk with you and share ideas and tips on where to start with this. 

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